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What Are the Key Differences between Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services

We are pleased to inform you that Benefit Cleaning specializes in both types of services and thus we are able to easily present to you the obvious and the not so obvious difference between the two types of cleaning.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial Cleaning Alexandria refers to the services we provide in public places such as offices, cinema halls, pubs, malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, strata blocks, etc. Here we clean all kinds of areas and surfaces such as windows, doors, restrooms, removal of garbage etc.

What is Domestic Cleaning?

 House Cleaning Alexandria as the name suggests, is maintaining homes. We will come weekly, daily or monthly as you want us to. If it’s just some help, you want for spring cleaning, we are happy to serve you for that one time too. In this type of service, we go as far as making your bed, changing linen, cleaning kitchen and just about all types of general household chores.

Key Differences

The question however is whether this is what the difference is all about; that is the location in which the services are performed. The answer is no. There are plenty more differences that are not so obvious:

  1. Usually Office Cleaning Alexandria happens after office hours, although many offices don’t mind it during working hours as well. Now, as far as domestic services are concerned, there is no way that residents will ever want cleaning staff on their premises in the night!
  2. There is also a question of sentiment that we at Benefit Cleaning understand all too well and we exercise the necessary precaution in the appropriate places. For example, if we are doing Carpet Cleaning Alexandria in a home, we ensure that we handle it delicately as many times even carpets may be a source of memory of good times or maybe a memorabilia of some far away exotic land. In offices, however, if there are carpets then it is purely for functional reasons. Nevertheless, we handle this with care too, because they can be quite expensive!
  3. Even during End of Lease Cleaning Alexandria we understand that there may be several items of sentimental as well as high monetary value and we assign our staff accordingly. Only those experienced and trained in domestic cleaning will be sent to your house.
  4. Then there is the difference in billing the jobs done during Cleaning Alexandria homes and offices. While offices will have a monthly payment cycle, home owners are billed and they also prefer to pay for the day.

One advantage that you have with us is that of our large team experience in both who know the considerations that need to be given for each type of job.