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Steam Carpet Cleaning – How Effective is it?

Almost all well decorated homes and offices are carpeted. Now, while this adds a very sophisticated touch to the décor, the fact is that it is also the place where plenty of air pollutants and allergens can be found.  We are a premium Cleaning Bondi junction company that has years of experience and the best solutions to get all kinds of pollutant removed from your carpet. The method we use for Carpet Cleaning Bondi junction is steam.

Common Pollutants in a carpet:

  • Dust
  • Debris from your shoes or that brought in by pets
  • Pet hair
  • Human hair
  • Human dead skin
  • Food dropping
  • Fungus
  • Insects
  • Bacteria

Shampooing vs. Steam – Two Popular Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Today working people as well as homemakers or work at home moms spend a major part of their day indoors. Now, if the carpets are unclean, you can imagine its effects on the health. Plenty of times, you will find people reporting sick without any reason but on further investigation it is found that the reason behind the sickness is the poor air quality at home or at office as the case may be. Dirty carpets are a major cause of indoor air pollutant.

  • Shampooing used to be quite popular but then it is not effective in getting rid of all pollutants.
  • Shampooing is effective when the goal is not a very deep cleaning. It does get rid of a lot of debris from the carpet but may not be effective in killing all types of harmful bacteria
  • Shampooing is an age old process and is quite quick to carry out. It may be used for small stains, but suppose you have got a stubborn stain on your carpet and you need to vacate your house then you should call us for an End of Lease Cleaning Bondi junction where we will steam clean your carpet and use the best products that will not leave your landlord any reason to grumble about
  • Steaming with hot water kills bacteria and germs. We use the latest and most powerful equipments in House Cleaning Bondi junction and also at Commercial Cleaning Bondi junction. The powerful equipment shoots hot water into the carpet fibers. This sophisticated equipment does not harm the underlying material of the carpet in anyway. Unlike some other cleaning products that make carpets look yellow and old, pure hot steam will make your carpet look new for many years in addition to getting rid of almost all pollutants. This will ensure that the air inside your home is fresh and pure

Can Steam Cleaning be Done at Home

No, whether you are interested in house or Office Cleaning Bondi junction, the steam cleaning technology requires the use of specialized equipment and experienced and trained professional like Benefit Cleaning.